A few things to consider before upgrading your PC


It seems like everyone is upgrading their PCs these days. The process may seem to be easy…just as easy as getting the upgrades wrong. If you think that adding more RAM or installing a faster processor will definitely increase your PC’s productivity, and it will be up to date for the next few years, think again. This may or may not work, and if the latter happens, you’ll end up beating yourself for pouring money into the old machine when you could have easily saved it and use towards a brand new computer in a few months.

To avoid disappointment, we’ve prepared a little checklist for you to consider. Go through these before committing to an upgrade, and if you’re still positive you need it – go ahead!

Why exactly are you upgrading?

Don’t upgrade your computer just for fun – it’s much better to have clear reasoning for it. If you only have a vague idea in mind, likely inspired by midnight forum browsing – there is a very good chance you will end up very disappointed. Think, think and re-think, as it’s easy to spend money on a whim, but not as easy to get it back.computer4

Some of the solid reasons may include long launch time, hard times working with multiple apps or noisy work. Besides, there are some good old upgrades which are always useful, such as switching from a hard drive to a solid state drive.

Sometimes you don’t even need to buy anything new to address the problem, as things as simple as cleaning out dust from the PC’s air vents can prevent overheating and reduce the noise.

Regardless, there are no magic bullets. Upgrades are only worth it when you’re aiming to target a specific problem (ideally minor) with a specific solution.

Is it even a hardware problem?

Sometimes playing with hardware is not going to do anything simply because software is the culprit. Before considering any upgrades, make sure your operating system and drivers are up to date, no unwanted startup programs are present, and there are no rubbish files sprinkled around your storages.

Is your computer really worth spending money on?


Easy, affordable upgrades such as adding extra RAM may be beneficial even for older systems, but other than that, there is a fine line between an upgrade-able machine and almost-rubbish, and you don’t want to cross that line. Sometimes, it’s way easier to save up some dollars and purchase a brand new PC. Much like with cars, a PC is just as good as its worst performing part, and if it’s really bad, it may be time for a new friend.

To sum up, more often than not, if you are in need of some epic major upgrade, it’s way better to just buy a brand new PC. However, there are definitely instances where upgrades can extend the life of your computer – as long as you’ve done your research and came up with optimal solutions.

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